Do New Ratings Matter For App Store Optimization?

Under our new series titled “App Store Optimization, What Matters?“, we present our first article. We work with chart topping Apps on a daily basis and help new Apps reach the top charts for high search volume keywords. We analyze App data everyday and understand exactly what goes behind making an App rank for any keyword. As it is an industry known fact, there are multiple factors that go behind making sure that an App ranks high for a particular keyword. Alongside the thousands of most important factors like title, description, keywords, there are hundreds of other small things that count to make sure an App ranks at the very top.

New Series: App Store Optimization, What Matters?

We are starting a brand new series titled “App Store Optimization What Matters”. Under this series, we are trying to figure out every single thing that actually matters for App Store Optimization. Every day thousands of developers from across the world ask us questions:

1. Does the title matter?

2. Do reviews matter?

3. Does keyword stuffing in the description matter?

4. Do keyword backlinks matter?

5. Do keywords in reviews matter?

Well, we think we have the answers. How? We work with several top successful ranking App developers daily and combine it with our expertise gained after working on thousands of Apps that continue to rank on the Top Charts of the App Store/Play Store.