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Does Apple Search Ads Affect App Store Optimization?

Apple Search Ads is a powerful tool for app developers to promote their app and increase its visibility on the App Store. However, many developers wonder if Apple Search Ads can also affect their app’s ranking in the App Store’s search results. The short answer is yes, Apple Search Ads do affect App Store Optimization […]

Discover the Benefits of Using App Bundles on the App Store: An Overview of How They Work

App bundles on the App Store are a way to group together related apps from your portfolio and offer them as a package to users. You can include up to 10 apps in one bundle, which will have its own dedicated product page, icon, and title that can be found using keywords such as your […]

How To: Manually Set iOS App Release Date After Approval

Apple might randomly approve your App after review on any given date and time, so developers often wonder if it is possible to manually set the date of App release after it has been approved. You can schedule the release of your app on the App Store by using App Store Connect. This allows you […]

Apple App Developers Paid $320 Billion Since 2008, $60 Billion In 2022 Alone

Apple today (11th January ’23) announced a major milestone. The company has paid out over $320 billion since 2008 to App developers. This is the amount App developers have earned since 2008 via in-app purchases only and does not include the billions that they would have earned via ad revenue.

Does Apple Game Center Integration Matter For ASO?

Trying hard to get your game ahead of your competition. Are you witnessing every game trying to fight for the same keyword like fun, multiplayer, game, exciting, and other similar keywords? How do you get ahead of them when everyone has great graphics, proper in-app events, incredible screenshots, App icon that draws your attention, and […]